Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hayward area Art Crawl

We are two of 41 artists participating in the first annual Hayward area Art Crawl, August 10-12, organized by the Cable-Hayward Area Arts Council (CHARAC). There are 25 different sites to visit, from Stone Lake 20 miles south of Hayward to Drummond, 30 miles north and other locations within a 20- to 30-mile radius.

In preparation, we had to finish the room downstairs that we wanted to make into a gallery space. We had previously finished a room off the gallery that serves as our studio/digital darkroom. Nothing like a deadline to motivate one to finish a project! We hired a local carpenter months ago to sheetrock the room, texture the walls and prime them. We had to install the lights, paint the walls and put down the floor.
We couldn't afford track lighting, so we chose some modern-looking full-spectrum florescent light fixtures. They provide a very even light that we're happy with. The color of the walls is "Powdered Nutmeg" which Mike describes as being "the color of a latte."
The finished gallery space, carpet and all.
Each Art Crawl site has two or more signs indicating its location, one with a number which corresponds to a number on the map in the brochure that was created to advertise the Art Crawl.
There are many talented artists in this region working in many mediums and we're very excited to be able to participate! We've all had very good visitation during the first two days of the Art Crawl. On to Day 3!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A visit from friends

The Sassi family stayed with us last night, on their way to Door County from Fargo, North Dakota. We all went for a bike ride this morning, giving Max a chance to try out his cool, new Harry Havnoonian bike.
Enrico, Mike, Kelly, Alex, Max

We rode about 10 miles, stopping at Spring Lake, our turn-around point, for a stone-skipping session.
Alex shows how it's done.

Kelly recently found a great bike on Craigslist, a Felt tri bike.