Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 10 - Unloading the truck

We finished unloading the U-Haul truck today and returned it to the rental place. Everything came through the trip intact and in good shape. Having shelving units in the truck on which to store many of the boxes worked very well to keep everything from shifting and in place. Our bicycles that were stored above the cab on a sheet of plywood came through unscathed. We both were a bit worried because we hit some pretty rough roads along the way from AK to WI.

Our garage is just about full of boxes. We're trying not to put any of the boxes in the house until after we clean it. It needs a good cleaning. We started out the day by going to our favorite breakfast place in Hayward, the Norske Nook. Each day (except Saturday) they have a breakfast special. Today's special was two eggs any style, two sausage links, toast, and hashbrowns or American fries (kind of like scalloped potatoes) for $3.99. Our total cost for breakfast, including coffee and tip was $12.30.

After unloading the truck, we rewarded ourselves with icecream in order to cool down on a hot day as the temperature rose to at least the mid-80s today.

This evening, as we were sitting at one of our few pieces of furniture, a dining room table, discussing plans for remodeling our kitchen, a deer walked by in the backyard. And speaking of wildlife, we have an American robin family that has made a nest on a lamp on the house outside our front door. We didn't see any birds on the nest when we arrived, but our first night here I went outside for a minute, after it had turned dark, and there was a flutter of wings as I scared one of the adults and it flew off the nest and hit the living room window. I felt bad. We have tried to avoid disturbing them the past two days by going in and out the back door. I watched from a distance with binoculars today and saw that there are two or three young chicks in the nest. One of the adults was feeding them and I could see their little beaks pop up. We hope the robins will realize we mean them no harm and will stick around.

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