Sunday, April 15, 2012

Riding fire roads

In the last couple of weeks we've begun exploring some of the many dirt/gravel fire roads in the area on our touring bikes with 35mm tires. These are mostly hard-packed dirt roads with fairly fine pebbles/gravel so the 35mm tires can handle the terrain without problem (with the exception of deep sand) and the touring bikes with drop bars are more comfortable to ride on this terrain than our mountain bikes.
Some of the fire roads are narrower and more intimate than others; those are the ones we're seeking out and prefer. This opens entirely new areas for us to explore and is a great addition to riding the quiet country roads and mountain biking on the single track trails. It will also allow us to ride routes/loops that we couldn't previously connect/make work when we were riding our narrower 700C tires.

Once the trees leaf out, some of these roads will be like riding through a "tunnel of trees."

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  1. I am just catching up on the blogger as I have been internet challenged as of late. It looks like you have found some great riding. The one picture by the lake looks like it could be part of the Chequamegon route.

    Thanks for the great post!