Monday, October 21, 2013

First snow

Yesterday saw the first snow for this autumn. This is earlier than the first snow the previous two autumns, noted in my phenological journal. In 2011 - first measurable snow (approx. 4") was on November 19; all melted by November 26. In 2012 - first snow was on November 6; no accumulation.
First snow; no accumulation, just visible in patches on grass. Still here this morning.


  1. uuummmm, I wonder if that is a sign of what is on the way? Probably not.

    I hear you may have been riding with a fellow I know. I am so out of touch that I didn't even know he rode. It sounds like a fun group you had riding and I may try to join in.

    Thanks for posting,

    1. I hope the true winter weather holds off for awhile...

      Yes, rode with Glen W. several times on the New Moon ride on Tuesday nights this summer. Told him about your blog. Yes, you should join in next summer. The rides are over for this year but usually begin by May. Check out this link on New Moon's website: