Thursday, April 20, 2017

30 Days of Biking - Days 17 to 20, Chilly & Damp

It's been chilly, barely above 40F, and/or damp every day since Sunday and, so, I have not been motivated to ride very far each day this week. Monday's ride was short, to the end of the road I live on and back, in the early evening as the sun was setting, after working on my mom's taxes for most of the day.
Tuesday's ride was to town to the bank and to mail the tax forms.
I looked at the radar and chose a time to ride where there was a slight chance I could dodge the rain drops.
Yesterday's ride was to the Namakagon River bridge on Hospital Road and then, just a bit further to Airport Road.
Today, I rode into town and spent some time at Backroads, the local coffee shop, reading the local paper and my book club book for this month.
The Duluth radar showed a wide band of precipitation continuously circling Duluth and environs today so there was no escaping mist and raindrops.

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