Saturday, April 22, 2017

30 Days of Biking - Days 21 & 22

Friday was just as nice as last Sunday, weather wise, just a tad cooler but not a cloud in the sky.
We saw more Painted Turtles, about 10 of them on a single log.
We rode a loop we haven't done yet this spring, Company Lake, Chippanazie, and County Hill into town. We stopped at West's Dairy to see if they were open and, to our delight, today was their first day to be open since last fall. Ice cream!
Another glorious day of sunshine for Day 22! More Painted Turtles were sighted on two two different lakes, with 14 sunning themselves on one of the logs.
A ride up Highline to the gazebo near Windigo Lake was our route for today.
I spotted this mailbox along Windigo Lake with a lovely illustration of Cardinals.

After our stop at Windigo, it was once again to... West's Dairy! Like Mike said, Carpe Icecreamem!

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