Sunday, April 3, 2016

30 Days of Biking - Day 3

I heard a small chorus of frogs in this marsh off of Hospital Road
Another short ride today on my Bob Jackson touring bike. Nearly all of yesterday's snowfall had melted but the temperature stayed in the 30s today. Along the way, I met another woman rider named Tina. She didn't know about 30DOB so I told her all about it. She seemed interested in checking it out. The more the merrier.

At the end of Airport Road I often see deer in the field beyond this stand of trees but not this afternoon.
After taking Riverside to Hospital Road, I went to the end of Airport Rd and then back to Hwy 77 to explore a few dead-end roads off of 77 (Red Pine, Hilltop and Bayo) that I've never been on before. They all ended rather quickly but you never know if you might find an interesting road even if it is a dead-end.

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