Monday, April 4, 2016

30 Days of Biking - Day 4

Mike and I had breakfast at the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley this morning and afterward I rode home to Hayward. It was snowing as I started out and continued to snow on and off during my ride, accumulating a bit in some places but mostly the roads were clear.
I kept my speed to a minimum to try to avoid an icecream headache from the cold. The temperature was in the 20s this morning and "warmed" up to a balmy 30F. I stopped to greet a group of cows along the way. They were all lying down but stood up and backed away as soon as I approached them.
I talked to them softly and then curiosity got the best of them and they slowly came closer and closer until I was able to reach out and touch the biggest black cow on the left. She acted like she wanted to sniff my bike.
Tomorrow is Wisconsin's presidential primary and I was glad to see several signs in support of Bernie Sanders.
I crossed the Namakagon River three times on my ride.
Near the end of the ride I stopped at Ojibwe Java to warm up with a cup of coffee. By then my feet were feeling cold.

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