Saturday, April 9, 2016

30 Days of Biking - Day 9

Cold temps continue
Fifteen degrees this morning
Warming trend next week (Finally!)

Living so close to town  (1.5 miles) makes it relatively easy and practical to ride a bike into town to do things like get groceries. (My ride for today.) And having a bike set up with bags and a basket suited for carrying groceries and other items (like a bottle of wine) makes it even easier. Still, if it wasn't for my commitment to 30DOB, I might well have taken the car into town today. That's one thing I like about 30DOB - it forces me to get out on the bike regardless of the weather, and then I realize, if I dress for it, it's perfectly doable and even enjoyable.

If it weren't for the cold, I'd be going on much longer rides, but the wind chill on a road ride is farely significant when the temperature is close to or below freezing. And if you factor in gusty, blustery winds, it makes it even colder and less conducive to riding a longer distance. #30daysofbiking

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