Tuesday, April 8, 2014

30 Days of Biking - Day Eight, Week Two

The second week of 30 Days of Biking has begun and, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm also going for 30 Days of Blogging. I want to write in my blog more consistently, so I figured 30 Days of Blogging, along with Biking, would be a good way to kick start myself into a routine of writing.
The sun was shining brightly again today for our ride and the bike shadow made for an interesting graphic.

The temperature was a bit cooler than yesterday, in the mid-40s, but the piles of snow on the sides of the roads are getting smaller.
Along the way, we encountered a couple of friends, also out for a ride. We were going in opposite directions but rode together for a short distance before parting ways.

Signs of spring - the ice on the lakes we passed is getting visibly thinner and I saw my first few Robins during the ride.

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  1. Awesome!! Great to see you are getting out. If I lived near a town, I also would use the bicycle for errands.