Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 DOB - Day 17

Is this Alaska or Wisconsin?

It looks like winter after yesterday's snow storm but it sounds like spring in our backyard with a symphony of bird songs filling the air. Mike shoveled a path to the feeder this morning and, once again, we had many Juncos and Robins stopping by.
The nice thing about the 30 Days of Biking challenge is that any distance qualifies as a ride. I think the shortest ride I've done since the challenge began was three miles. Today's ride started with a spin down to the end of our road and back. (It's a dead end.)
 Then, I headed to the Namekagon River, just a short ways from our house.
 There was a thin layer of slush on parts of the river after yesterday's storm.
Looking down river.
Cattails on the upstream side of the bridge.
I took a quiet side road to another part of the Namekagon River, upstream from the larger bridge in the photo above.
Looking downstream from a smaller bridge over the Namekagon River.
And that was my ride for the day, probably about 3-4 miles.

I forgot to mention that yesterday we saw a turkey in our backyard. It was scurrying away when we noticed it so didn't get a very good shot.

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