Sunday, April 20, 2014

30 DOB - Day 20

Spring has truly sprung
First frog chorus in the bog
Warm sunshine brings joy
The bog where I heard the first Spring chorus of frogs today.

What a glorious day and a great day for a ride! The first day this Spring where the temperature rose above 60F!  And, the first time this Spring that I've heard frogs singing.
Spring Lake is still frozen.
Stopped to say "hello" to our horse friends. This is "Jo."
Mike's newest Italian build, a Pinarello.
The Namekagon River is ice-free.
My first photo of a Pied-Billed Grebe, spotted on the Namekagon at the end of my ride.


  1. Spring peepers...funny you mentioned that. I was out for a automobile ride with my parents yesterday and we were wondering when they would be out. We have not heard them hear yet, but this tells us it will be very soon. In reading your prior posts about the syruping, in years gone by we used to do that. At Easter dinner my son brought up the syruping and suggested we get back into it. I am not so sure I want to though. It takes a lot of time, but it is fun.

    I like the orange in Mikes new build. :-)

    1. Roger - Thanks for reminding me of the name of the frogs, Spring Peepers. Their singing is such a wonderful sign of Spring. Making maple syrup does look like quite time consuming. Last year was a bumper crop for my friends, but this year they almost didn't tap thinking it wasn't going to be a good flow. It was better than they thought, however. I think they got enough sap to make about 5 gallons of syrup.