Saturday, April 5, 2014

30 Days of Biking - Day Five

It was sunny and relatively warm today but I decided to take the fat bike because, after the recent snow storm, I didn't know what conditions to expect on the roads. The main roads were clear of snow but the quieter side roads I prefer had wet, slushy sections. It turned out that I could have ridden with a road bike with skinnier tires but I might have had to get off and walk a bit in a few places. I rode about 18 miles today.

A friend rode her mountain bike to meet me part way on my ride, and then we rode together back to her place. Her three dogs greeted us and I gave them some treats.
Emma, Ida and Jack

The route to my friend's house goes along one of my favorite roads with a view out over this meadow. The snow-covered foreground is a pond that attracts sandhill cranes and other waterfowl in warmer months.
On my way home, I stopped to photograph a few cows getting fed.
Signs of spring - I spotted a pair of Common Goldeneyes on the Namakagon River and a Great Blue Heron that flew off before I could get a photograph.

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