Monday, April 28, 2014

30 DOB - Day 28

As I was riding to the library this afternoon in the pouring rain, I thought about all the creatures who live out in the elements without the benefit of shelter that we humans take for granted. Riding in the rain makes me appreciate the comforts of a warm, dry home and the convenience, comfort and ease of being able to jump in the car to run an errand if I so choose. But my ride in the rain also made me think about the fact that choosing to use the bicycle instead of the car on a bad-weather day is really not so unpleasant as many people probably imagine it to be. As I was leaving the library and about to pedal off on my bike, a person said to me, "You're brave."
Dressing properly for the rain and temperature certainly helps to make the ride more tolerable and enjoyable, as well as having a bike equipped for the rain. My waterproof helmet cover, gloves with their waterproof covers, Endura rain jacket and rain & windproof pants, and my Bog boots all worked together to keep my head, core, hands and feet warm, dry and comfortable. Fenders kept my clothing free of road grime and waterproof panniers kept the items I was carrying protected.
 On my ride home, I stopped at Lynn's Custom Meats & Catering
for a couple of dinner items.
 Another rainy day that feels more like Juneau than Hayward.

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