Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30 DOB - Day 16

Time to get the fat bike out again.

We're in the midst of a storm that is expected to drop about a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. It began snowing here around 8 a.m., hasn't let up all day, and is forecast to continue through the night. But...
...neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stay this cyclist from 30 Days of Biking.
My ride today was a trip to the grocery store on the fat bike. (Notice the temperature on the sign, 25F.)

Early in the afternoon, we had dozens of Robins show up in the trees in the backyard. The same thing happened last spring, when late winter storms in April and May dropped lots of snow. Deja vu...
Hungry Robins looking for seed and fruit buried under the snow.

It's not often that you see Robins at the feeder.
This is what climate change looks like.


  1. Wow, I saw Robins on a ride last week just before the snow, but not that many!

  2. The Robins have a tough time when there's lots of snow on the ground. We put out dried cranberries and raisins for them which they seem to like.