Friday, April 10, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 10

I'm back to riding another bike in my stable, today's ride being my custom Bob Jackson Audax Club. It has "hammered finish" Honjo fenders, a replica of a fender once made by a French company, and Gilles Berthoud bags front and rear. This is my randonneuring bike, the one I rode last May when I successfully finished the Apple Valley 200K put on by the Minnesota Randonneurs.
The Bob Jackson coat of arms is on both the seat tube and head tube.
We waited for some rain showers to pass before heading out in mid-afternoon for our ride. Fortunately, the snow that fell last night had melted by morning. The sun was finally shining again after four days of overcast and the temperature rose to the low 50s.
Mike rode his Pinarello with the bright orange tires and quick-release skewers to match. Mike is very color-coordinated when it comes to his bikes and how he accessorizes them.
Today's route was one of our favorites, a 14-mile out-and-back that includes Chippewa Trail, County E to Williams Road and then to Highline, passing five lakes along the way.
We heard many more spring peepers today as we passed bogs like this one.

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