Monday, April 27, 2015

30 DOB - Day 27, A trail discovered and a Hill

So many roads in this area are Dead Ends, usually because they end at a lake. But some of those supposed dead ends, when you view them on Google maps in terrain view, appear to continue and not end. Today I decided to explore one of those roads and ride it to its dead end as I had only ridden part of it before. The paved portion continued for at least a mile or two and then the road turned to dirt.
And then the dirt road narrowed to a double track trail used by ATVs...
In terrain view on Google maps, it appears that the road on the right continues and then makes a 90-degree turn to the left, but if one looks closer there really isn't a bona fide road on the map past a certain point.
I was riding my Bike Friday with 1 3/8" tires so the packed dirt road presented no problem to ride. But once I reached the double track I encountered sandy sections that were difficult to negotiate.
The double track trail continued for as far as I could see but I decided it would be better to come back and explore it further with my mountain bike or fat bike.
I turned around and retraced my route, walking the sandy parts until I reached the dirt road again. The road traversed a marsh/bog where the spring peepers were belting out a loud chorus now that temperatures had warmed up again.
Once back on pavement I decided to ride to one of the highest points in the Hayward area, Radio Hill, so called because there is a radio station, WRLS, at the top of the hill.
The climb up Radio Hill is in two parts, both quite steep, with a slight respite between the two sections. I was winded with the effort by the time I got to the top.
A swift ride down was my reward, with the evening sun getting lower in the sky behind me and beautiful early evening light.
Looking down Radio Hill from the top of the first rise.

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