Monday, April 13, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 13, Bike Friday day

Today was the day to put back together my folding bike, my custom Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that, until today, my Pocket Rocket hadn't been out of its case since returning from a trip to Italy in 2007. So, I'm sure she was glad to see daylight and feel the road under her wheels when I took her for a spin this evening. She felt as good and as fun to ride as ever.

In case you aren't familiar with Bike Friday folding bikes, they are made in the U.S.A. in Eugene, Oregon by Green Gear Cycling, Inc. They make all kinds of models, from road bikes to mountain bikes to tandems.
The suitcase with the Pocket Rocket still inside.
My Pocket Rocket is one of their road models. It has 20" wheels and fits into a Samsonite suitcase that becomes a trailer that you can pull behind the bike when traveling. It rides as well as my other road bikes with "full-size" wheels.

I decided to document with photographs the assembly of my folding bike, step-by-step, as shown in the series of photos that follow.
The case is opened, revealing that...

... in this case is folding bicycle! These were instructions to the airlines so that it was clear what was inside, should they open the case.
After the spare tires and bags holding parts are removed, there really is what resembles a bicycle inside the case.
The seat mast is raised and the handlebar stem is installed.
The rear "triangle" with rear wheel are unfolded.
This is where the seat mast and rear triangle join together, cinched by a quick release.
Voila! Joined and secured.
The handlebars are next. As you can see, they are in two parts.
One end of the handlebar slides into the other and the allen bolts on the stem, when tightened, secure them together.
Handlebars in place. As you can see, they need some fresh tape.
Custom head badge made from a William Spear pin.
Seatpost installed and almost complete.
Front wheel and pedals installed. Done!
Yes, this bike really was custom made for me. I chose the paint job, too, two of my favorite colors, blue and purple.
Now, it's finally time for a ride. I had intended to go on a longer ride today, but it took more time than I expected to put my Bike Friday back together so I didn't get underway until the sun was close to setting.
I rode along Riverside to Hospital Road, then to the end of Airport Road. There is still lots of evidence of last September's storm whose straight-line winds uprooted and knocked down hundreds upon hundreds of trees in the area. Riverside was one of the areas hardest hit.
As I approached the end of Airport Road, I came upon two groups of grazing deer at least two dozen in number. They bolted as soon as they saw me even though I stopped and tried to be quiet.
The deer were grazing here, out in the open right next to the road,
before I startled them. I think they like to bed down in these trees at night.

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