Saturday, April 4, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 4

On today's 30 Days of Biking outing I decided to ride most of the four-mile bike path that goes through and around Hayward and check out some of the Hayward City Parks that are nearby. My first stop was the Library Nature Park. A trail through the park is accessible from Hospital Road and the bike path as well as the library parking area.
From the park's website:
"A walking trail approximately ½ mile long is available for a walk through the forest and around a small pond and wet land. Benches are placed along the trail for rest and relaxation and a place to sit and listen to the birds and enjoy the surrounding environment.

Kiosks along the trail provide information about things you will see along the trail. Included is the geology and history of the area, birds that may be sighted, the life
cycle of the forest, the role of wetlands and some of the amphibians that inhabit them.

An observation pier in the pond and wetland allows viewing of aquatic plants."
One of the informational markers along the trail.
My bike of choice today was my Bob Jackson 3-speed. The vintage steel frame was originally set up as a touring bike and was custom built for me in 1984 when we did a cycling trip in the United Kingdom, starting in Leeds, the home of Bob Jackson. Mike converted it to a 3-speed for me when we did the Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour in May 2012.
In addition to the hand brakes, the 3-speed hub also has a coaster brake. The handlebars and upright position are quite comfortable.
After the bike path crosses Hwy 77/27 heading south, and near the beginning of Company Lake Road, is a dog park.
A little further along, the bike path parallels the Hayward Golf & Tennis Club.
Shortly after passing the golf course, the path meanders next to and through the Hayward Sports Center & Community Park where there are a number of ball fields, a running track and, who knew, a skate park.
After crossing Hwy 63 the path heads northwest, paralleling the highway for a ways, before turning right and heading northeast. I rode the path to the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum and then took the small road behind the grounds to the Hayward City Beach. A newly-built pedestrian bridge crosses a small inlet to the beach and park.
Next to the beach area is a grassy peninsula along Lake Hayward with picnic tables and a concrete swimming/diving pier.

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