Wednesday, April 29, 2015

30 DOB - Day 29, Girl's Night Out

Every month throughout the year, for at least the past four to five years and maybe longer, on a Wednesday evening in the Cable-Hayward area, there is an event called "Girl's Night Out" (GNO).  Organized and promoted by a local woman in the community who has a lot of connections, the event attracts varying numbers of women, anywhere from 10 to 100, depending on the venue and time of year.
This month's GNO, held this evening, was at Pine Brook Farm. Iras and I decided to attend and make it a ride destination. We left Hayward at 3:30 in the afternoon and arrived at Pine Brook Farm by 6:30, a 3-hour 30-mile ride, all on backroads, that included a few stops along the way for photographs.
As seen on the above map, the route we took from Rainbow Road (upper right) was as follows: County E to Town Hall Rd to Main Rd to Bass Lake Rd to Cty M to Edgerton, around Spring Lake, to Willers to Chappell.
Chappell Rd becomes 8th St after it crosses Cty E and has some steep but short climbs. Once you reach Cty A, it's less than two miles to Pine Brook Farm.
Charlie accompanied us part of the way and took a few photos for us. We told him he could crash the party but he declined.
It was a glorious evening for a ride, with beautiful light and just the right temperature to not overheat on the uphills nor feel chilled on the downhills. And we traversed plenty of hills.
We enjoyed delicious hors d'oeuvres provided by Pine Brook Farm and a glass of wine once we arrived. At about 8 p.m., as the sun was setting, Mike arrived to chauffeur us and our bikes home as our plan was to ride only one way.
Thanks for the ride, Iras!
A final note for today's post--a year ago today this is what my ride looked like:

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