Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 DOB - Day 28, Painted Turtles

Logged two rides today, the first being into town to hand-deliver thank you notes to three of the four sponsors of the Bicycle Film Festival at The Park Center: Riverbrook Bike & Ski, Backroads Coffee, and New Moon Ski & Bike.

My afternoon ride was, once again, to Spring Lake along County E and then Williams Road to Highline. I love this ride for several reasons: it's one of the few routes that has views of lakes and ponds much of the way and Williams Road is one of the sweetest roads around--it's quiet and winding, with ups and downs.
Plus, we often see wildlife along this route, like Great Blue Herons, river otters, and Painted Turtles. Today, we saw a total of  20 Painted Turtles sunning themselves on logs on two different ponds. It's difficult to get a photo of them because they spook very easily but today I was successful. I love Painted Turtles!

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