Thursday, April 16, 2015

30 DOB - Day 16

After yoga class this morning, I spent a little time exploring a trail that appears to encircle this pond behind the Senior Center. I walked my bike along the trail and discovered a small bridge that crosses the stream outlet from the pond.
As I continued to follow the trail, I walked through a small, grassy clearing and then back into the forest as the trail went up a small hill.
I followed the trail a bit further and saw that it branched off in a couple of directions, one that led back to the pond and along the shoreline. I decided to turn around and come back with my mountain bike on another day to see where the trail goes.

I love little explorations like this where I discover something I didn't know existed. It's part of what I like about 30 Days of Biking; it makes me slow down and look at the world with a bit more attention, allowing me to see things I might never have otherwise noticed.
After returning home, I rode the Marin back into town to pick up posters for the Bicycle Film Festival in celebration of 30 Days of Biking at The Park Center on April 25 and then spent the afternoon riding around Hayward putting up posters.

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