Thursday, April 2, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 2

To add some spice and variety to my 30 Days of Biking (30DOB), I've decided to ride a different bike each day, until I run out of bikes, and then repeat. Thanks, in part, to my sweet and generous husband I have more bikes than I can count on two hands. If I ride my two mountain bikes and my fat bike as well as my road bikes that will amount to 12 days of riding a different bike each day.

Yesterday, I rode my custom Bob Jackson Special Tourist. Today, I rode my Bob Jackson fixie. The fixie was a surprise gift from Mike. We were in Portland back in 2008 for the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) . We visited several bike shops, one being River City Cycles where I saw a black Bob Jackson frame decked out with gold-anodized components. I must have made a comment about how much I liked it and, before much time had passed and unbeknownst to me, Mike had ordered a custom Bob Jackson fixie frameset and built it up with a gold-anodized seatpost, stem, handlebars, hubs, pedals, chain, and crankset and gold tires to match. Lucky me!
Today's ride was one of my favorites, to Spring Lake and up Williams Road to Highline and back via the same route, 14 miles total.
Spring Lake is almost completely free of ice and, after yesterday and today's temperatures in the low 60s, I think what little ice remains will be gone in a day or two.
On April 2 last year the dock that I'm standing on was completely obscured in at least a foot of snow and the entire lake was likewise covered in snow and ice.
The same dock on April 2 a year ago.
As we continued on our ride, we heard our first chorus of Spring Peepers in a bog. Last year, the first day I heard the frog chorus was on April 20. We also saw just one turtle on one of the ponds we pass on our ride, the first turtle we've seen this spring.
At our turn-around point there is a small pond that is almost ice free.

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