Monday, April 6, 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 6

Winter has not yet let go of its grip on northern Wisconsin. We woke up to 4-5" of snow on the ground this morning. The first thing I did was clear away snow from several patches of grass and put out seed for the birds. There were lots of goldfinches sitting in the trees. As I put more bird seed in the feeders, finches were flying all around me, unafraid. I put some seed in my open hand and one brave finch alighted and ate my offering.

The high temperature today was 37F. I chose the Salsa Mukluk fat bike for my ride into town today as I wasn't sure if the roads would be free of snow. They were. All the snow had melted on the roads by the time I left the house in the late afternoon. But there was a cold wind blowing that left me chilled even though I was properly dressed for it.

My first stop was at Advance Printing to pick up tickets for upcoming shows at The Park Center that I then delivered to Art Beat where tickets are sold in advance.

On my way over to Art Beat, I stopped at Riverbrook Bike & Ski to ask if they would help sponsor a bicycle film festival at The Park Center later this month on April 25.
My last stop before heading home was The Park Center to change the marquee for the April 10 performance of Hugh Masterson and Frankie Lee with The Hustle.

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